September 10, 2016

Sticker Ninja Marketplace Seller’s Guide

Sell Your Designs on the Sticker Ninja Marketplace!

To sell your original designs on the Sticker Ninja Marketplace, create an account.

 You’ll have an artist shop, where you can list all your designs.  You control the rights to your work, and you set the price! You pay nothing unless a design sells. 

Please Note: These designs must be your own original designs with the rights to sell it. See Terms of Service for more information.

Step-1: Register as a seller

Click on My Account in the navigation bar to get started!

Once you agree to the Terms of Service and click on ‘Register’, you will be redirected to a your dashboard, where  you can begin to list artwork! You will need to verify your Account through Paypal before receiving any payment.

Step-2: Upload and Approve Your Art

Upload your designs, and fill out the Product Information and Price for your item (see How Pricing Works below). Once your image has been uploaded, our Admin team will review it and make sure its ready for print. You will need to confirm through email and approve the proof. Be sure to use high quality images, preferred file types are .jpg, png, and .tif.  We will only be able to offer your art as large as the file size allows. If you have any questions, please email

Step-3: Make Money!

When your design is approved it will  be for sale! You have a few privacy settings to choose from;  your art can be displayed on our site publicly, or you can set it to only be found and purchased with a secret link! This is a great setting for those wishing to sell art depicting mature content. Once a design sells, we make it, pack it and ship it! We send out payments on the 1st of every month. There is 30 day per purchase grace period from date of shipment, meaning if your design sells on Aug 18th, it ships on Aug 20th it will clear on Sep 20thth and you get paid on Oct 1st.

How pricing works:

Use our Standard Pricing Guide to determine the cost to create product. Then decide what profit you’d like to make on each item. The cost to create added to your profit should be Retail Price.

(cost to create product) + ( your profit)= retail price

For example, a 3″ sticker costs $1 to make. You’d like to make $1 profit each time it sells. You should set the Retail Price to be $2.

Please Note: There are no quantity discounts on Marketplace Listings.